I am going to talk about the Person who is “A King Without Crown”. Yes,I am talking about Abdul Sattar Edhi Sb.I saw this person on TV many times but i was not aware about his life history how he became the King. I am very thankful to Amal Academy that gave me assignment on Biography of Edhi Sb and i became able to know about the “Richest Poor Man”.

In childhood his mother taught him to help needy,do compromise and give happiness to others.Whenever his mother gave him 2 Paisas the one for himself and the other for needy. She always asked him what you have done with the money.There is check and balance of him and these teaching’s of mother made him Successful in this World and that too. As someone said, Mother’s can develop nation. Edhi Sb Adopted Amal’s these principles: Kam Kam Kam and Sabr e Jamil. Edhi Sb did a lot work. He never loose patience and continue his efforts.When there is any emergency he run faster to help the person but people caught him and do not let him go but he never angry with them and continue his efforts. Edhi Sb did work hard for the needy and poor.This work made their skills more efficient.And they do self learning by helping others.He did self learning as He said,”Due to sharing of money, searching for Human interest stories became a pastime that sharpened my instincts and enable to differentiate between needy and lazy.” So it proves when we do any task ,action(Amal).We learn a lot,We do self learning.

I can relate my story with kam kam kam and self learning.When i was in 9th class,i went to school in morning and in evening i taught children as home tuition and at night i learned my own class work.I started teaching to children of my village to earn pocket money but with the passage of time i realized that,this thing increasing my knowledge also then i start giving money to my family and teach the students for sake of knowledge and for self learning. I learned from Edhi Sb,never loose hope, do efforts, it will enhance your learnings and make you Successful.

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