Be Interested, Not Interesting

Being interested is more important than being interesting. I think if you always speak about yourself with others then you will never be interested and nobody get interested in you. But if you show interest in others then they will also show interest in you. And in this regard, you can be interesting and others will take interest in you.

After reading this book of Dale Carnegie I got this lesson;
“ Become genuinely interested in other people”
I can relate it to one of my stories. I talked to one of my friend who I have not talked for2 years. And before 2 years she was not interested in me because I always talked to her about myself and this is the main reason our contact finished but now when I texted her and asked many things about her. I talked with her sincerely and show my great interest in her. As a result, she got interested in me. I did not talk about me a lot but I asked her everything and she is much happy that I talked to her and happier because I talked about her rather than talking to her about myself.

So, If we make more friends and show interest in them then we are always welcome any where at any time and being loved by everybody.

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