Corona affects Minds, not to Soul

Don’t get Corona on your mind

Corona affects mind, not to soul

Suppose your immune system is defeated by the Covid-19 and you have been diagnosed positive then what? Everyone knows that it will not lead you to die. Only 2% chances of death and 98% survival chances but the thing Corona has been stuck into your mind and it will definitely lead you to leave your loved ones and make you late. So stay positive in the time of crisis and positive psychology matter a lot. Because Corona affects Minds only.

We can consider examples here of Malala Yousafzai, how beautifully she stayed positive in crisis time and win not by the crisis only but also the hearts of the world.

Malala Yousafzai Shot

Your immune system can be dominant and you can win in situations of crisis only if your mind will be positive, your energy level should be more than normal routine days. Your immunity increases and the body system resist anti-bodies more effectively and efficiently.

Positive thinking provides you an abundance of energy to cope with any situation. Positivity makes your mind and soul strong and you can easily defeat the days of the crisis. In my life, I have found that positive thinking makes muscles strengthen and act as a shield to protect you from the adverse effects of viruses like Corona or other diseases.

Positivity in the time of crisis.
Positivity in the time of crisis.

Positive thoughts lead to better and quick decisions in times of emergency and crucial situations. Positivity increases your resistance and keeps you stay alert.

Focus on Positivity so that you can resolve the issue of this storm. How to stay positive?

Let’s start with the key points for this activity:

Do Random Acts of Kindness:

We can do a lot of little things that can add greater value to not only other’s life but also our minds will be satisfied. You are in your home at this time and you can send simply an unsolicited review of a book for one of your friends who writes books and is an author. On the other hand, give recommendations to your colleague on your LinkedIn account. Send an email of thanking the Healthcare staff.

Random acts of Kindness
Random acts of Kindness
Random Acts of Kindness

Learn New Things:

Learning new things is the best use of time. Instead of thinking and stressing yourself pay attention to new things that can change your life. Some people yet not find their passion and purpose in time, it’s a greater opportunity for them.

Move ahead and work on yourself. You can groom your personality, work on your social media, and give a professional look.

Learn new things
Learn new things

Online Courses:

A lot of free courses with certifications are available from many universities, try to do these courses related to your interest and field. It will leave a positive impact on your Resume and you will feel proud of yourself that will enhance your positivity and make you stress-free.

Courses during Corona
Courses during Corona
Online Courses

Funny Videos:

Social Media is full of videos and what we need at the time of crisis is laughing and give our stress hormones relaxation and excitement to a sympathetic system that will boost the immune system and this can only be possible if we watch some funny videos with the intentions of not only smiling but also laugh loudly so that our thinking mind comes parallel to our observational mind and we come out of the situation of being negative.

Funny Videos

Have a look at the Past:

Last but not the least, have a look at your past most amazing days. Obviously, you become nostalgic and the beautiful memories spread a huge smile on your face and automatically your stress level decreased and you went on a journey of incredible memories and you know, what will be the most astonishing thing happened? You will forget this time, the time of crisis, the days of Covid-19, and the stressful era.

Memories in Covid-19
Memories in Covid-19
Memories Live Longer

Engage Yourself in Yoga:

Yoga also helps in stressful situations. Poses of Yoga like stretches, strengthens, and stimulates the body and also aid in increasing flexibility. Yoga thwarts negative thoughts and ignites positive thinking. Rhythmic Breathing is also a Yoga technique that allows better absorption of oxygen. It assists the body to detoxify itself from toxins and once toxins eliminate there are higher chances of refreshment of the body as well as more space for positive thinking.



Do some sort of meditation. It will also make you feel better. Just sit and close your eyes and start taking a breath and just focus on your breathing pattern, forget everything else. It will leave a great impact on the process of thinking.

Meditation in Corona days
Meditation in Corona days

Bonus Tip!

Don’t watch the news for 24 hours or listen to the radio for the knowledge of the situation about Corona. It will also affect your mind first then your soul.

Physical Therapist | Content Writer

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