Drop of Resume In Person

“Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today.”

When I was learning about In-Person drop of resume and cover letter in Amal Academy, I was really very excited about all this.

But due to some emergency, I have to come back home and I was unable to drop my CV and cover letter in person. My sister has completed MSc. Zoology and she didn’t get any job.
An idea came to my mind and I just make her resume and cover letter for her and memorize her Elevator Pitch and taught about PASSENGER series and all that I have learned from Amal Academy about the interview and In-Person drop.

I listened almost 5 times her elevator pitch and we both do practice on interview.
The very next day, she went to Punjab College for In-Person drop and there was no vacancy available. But she went and drop resume and Cover letter to the recruiter whose name is Professor Ayaz Sadiq. He asked about the introduction and she describes all Elevator Pitch and then he asked about the organization and also asked why we pick you?

And I already have prepared her about these questions and her interview was outstanding. She was very excited when she came out.

The recruiter said to her: There is no vacancies open yet but you will be our first priority. We need such passionate and skilled teachers for our institution.

And then she said special Thank You to Amal Academy and to me also.

And she requested me to get her admission to the Amal Academy in September session.
I am also very happy to know all these results. And I am also very thankful to Amal Academy.

I decided to drop out and trust that it would all work out ok.

Physical Therapist | Content Writer

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