Random acts of Kindness

What is Kindness?

Kindness shows up as a supportive smile, a comforting embrace, and a helping hand when we need it the most, but may expect it the least.

In other words, Kindness is the sincere and voluntary use of one’s time, talent, and resources to better the lives of others, one’s own life, and the world through genuine acts of love, compassion, generosity, and service.

While practicing acts of kindnesses I have practiced 5 random acts of kindness:

1) Give drinks out to people on a hot day

I was coming back to my home, it was too hot outside. AC is not working properly in the bus. One Auntie was sitting beside me and she was very thirsty. She didn’t ask anyone for water.She is sweating badly. I was seeing this situation. I have some cold water with me in bottle, I gave that water to Auntie and She was literally seeing towards me and a big smile was there on her face and She put her hand on my head and Said,"Beta Allah tmy kamyab kary". It gave me a great feeling that we can show kindness.

It’s not the act of kindness you choose but your intention that matters”.

2) Sharing food with Rikshaw driver

I was going to The University of Faisalabad on a rikshaw. I didn’t eat anything so I thought to buy some food for me from a bakery and before I started to eat , I asked to rikshaw driver "Bhai Would you like to eat something?"
And that person was really like this that I asked him about eating, though he didn’t eat but he smiled and continue smiling for 5-10 minutes.This shows how much happy he is and how much kindness matters to him. Then he dropped me there even he was asking I will drop you to the door of University because it was away from main road. But I said thank You to him and walked to the main door.
So everyone always try to help people and do kindness with them. Even your little smile can make other person happy.

3) Cleaning house for Mother

Today I came back to home from hostel and my mum was doing a lot of household chores and I just started working with her. I care for her, I want her to be in peace, and above all I want to make her smile and happy.
I think money doesn’t matter for parents,the only thing they need is respect and love from their children.

4)Inspire someone who is little down

My sister was very down. She was highly demotivated as she is not getting job from many months. I saw all this and then I make a resume and cover letter for her which Amal Academy has taught me and also taught her all the things which Amal Academy taught me how to become a MVTP ans Passenger series techniques. I also asked her to prepare elevator pitch and I listened from her 5-7 times and then I said to her go to HR recruiter for in person drop. She did all this and she became very happy. She was highly satisfied and I am 100% sure she will get job. Afyer helping her, I feel very lucky to ne a part of Amal because they really taught me how we can be kind to others.

5) Buy favorite things for Family Members

I came to home after 1 month and I bought my whole family’s favorite things for them. When they saw all these things, thy became very happy and a big smile was there on everyone’s face. They all are surprised as I didn’t inform to them about gifts.
All I remember is their faces ware full of enthusiasm so I think its a great act of kindness to take care of your family and buy something for them.

Kindness is Love made Visible

Physical Therapist | Content Writer

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